April 15, 2019

Taking care of me

I grew up with my mum but was put into care on many occasions when she relapsed. I love her, but she isn’t okay. I only met my dad once and he didn’t seem like a nice person, he also has issues with drugs and cares more about them than he cares about me or my mum. My mum still misses him, she shouldn’t, she’s better than that, I don’t know why she wants him to be a part of our life. I hated school, I was always getting kicked out of class and getting myself expelled, the teachers didn’t get me and didn’t support me. I changed school in year 9 but this didn’t help me at all. I continued to hate education and ended up with only one GCSE. I went to college for hairdressing and initially didn’t like this either. As time passed, I began enjoying myself more and more and I am now working hard as a trainee at my local salon.  

I still don’t have many friends, but I have pushed myself to go out with a couple of the girls from the salon over the last month and I’m enjoying feeling a little more connected to people. It has helped me to settle down a little bit and motivates me to work hard and progress within my industry. I will always love my mum and I know she loves me too. She has taught me that bad things can happen to anyone, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are, sometimes bad situations happen. It has taught me to be careful with my life and take care of both my physical and emotional health early from early on so that I don’t end up struggling as my mum has later in life. I think it is important to have fun and enjoy myself, but that isn’t possible if I am suffering from bad mental or physical health.