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The Boost app

The Boost app, an exciting and innovative digital product developed by The Resilience Project that helps to create stronger, healthier and more resilient communities.

The Boost app aims to create a positive change with regards to an individual’s mental wellbeing. Technology assists us to be informed, empowered and better connected. When we embrace technology and the possibilities it brings, we can better service and support the communities around us.

The Boost app uses smart-phone technology to provide instant help and guided support to people. This will empower individuals to take responsibility for their emotional wellbeing and become more resilient in day-to-day challenges.

For anyone wanting to engage their audience or build an effective digital culture, the Boost app provides individual users with the required support at their fingertips.

Guided Support

The Boost app creates a safe place for guided support, with features such as mentor communication, peer support and a news feed.


Users have access to an approved library of resources which can help them achieve their targets and goals. Powered by The Resilience Project.

Take Action

The compass motivates users to take direct actions in understanding themselves and the world around them. The app allows you to create and develop structured measurable plans.

the boost

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Get direct advice from your mentor via the chat feature

Chat with your peers in a safe and supportive environment


A customisable platform for mentoring and
well-being monitoring