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The Resilience Project
for Schools

A growing number of students are struggling to cope with the challenges of academic life. There has been an increase in diagnosed mental health conditions and a decrease in many young people’s ability to cope with pressure, bounce back from difficult experiences and manage their emotions.

Within education there has been a significant shift towards developing classroom based strategies that address the well-being and needs of students. But students need strategies that go beyond the classroom. Our holistic approach engages staff, students and parents/carers to bring about a positive and sustainable change for academic life and beyond.

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How we help


The Resilience Curriculum enables people of school age to develop strategies to deal with the challenges of everyday life. Designed for teachers by teachers, the curriculum is for all key stages. Teachers are provided with lesson plans, which include all activities and resources. The Resilience Curriculum is flexible and based on a cross curriculum approach. Designed to be embedded across all areas of the school, it works best when key members of staff have already received resilience training and can coach colleagues.


Our training provides staff in education settings with the tools to assist the development of their students’ well-being. Staff will learn the core components of our evidence based methodology ensuring that resilience is embedded into your education community.

Parent Cafe Sessions

The partnership between school and parents is vital in giving young people opportunities to thrive in education and beyond. Recognising this, we have created Parent Café sessions to help parents understand the challenges that young people face and equip them with the tools to promote their child’s resilience. In a relaxed café style environment, through discussions facilitated by a ‘parent and young person’, parents hear first-hand details of successful strategies and what they can do to effect change in their child.

Well-being Events/Festivals

Activities are a great way to engage students and we believe young people learn best when they’re having fun. Resilience Festivals take students out of their usual environment and create a festival atmosphere in which they hear from peers, influencers and experts about how to develop skills to become more resilient. This approach works particularly well for multi academy trusts.

Public Talks

What is emotional well-being? What is mental health? Hear from industry experts and access the voice of people from all walks of life through our Q&A panels. The public talks will provide you with the tools you need to develop emotional well-being within yourself, your family and your community, whether that be at home, at school or a place of work.